This page is new and will be added to over time, this is where you will find ideas to help you to construct your own rolling stock.

Clamping Squares

Spring Clamps

Large Clamps 3" £3.00 pack of 4
Small Clamps 2" £1.50 pack of 4
I started to make these to help to keep my models completely square whilst waiting for glue to cure, I haven't seen anything as small as these elsewhere, so am offering these to assist you. 
The squares are precision engineered from a composite material consisting of aluminium and acrylic, making them extremely strong and stable.
1 x set (4) of each size Large, Medium, Small, Mini.
16 squares in total
Large 40mm x 40mm
pack of 4
Medium 30mm x 30mm
pack of 4
Small 25mm x 25mm
pack of 4
Mini 20mm x 20mm
pack of 4

Paint Brushes

Sizes available: 3 round, 4 flat, 6 round, 8 flat, 10 round, 12 flat


D4 Modelling Wood Glue, sets in 10 minutes, dries clear. Waterproof. 150ml bottle

Multi Surface Exterior Paint

Colours available:
Satin -White, Cream, Rail Green, Custard, Blood, Chocolate. Talyllyn Red, Talyllyn Brown, Railway Blue , Light Rail Blue, Corris Brown, Wagon Grey
Matt- Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black
Suitable for use on Ply, MDF, Wood, Metals and most Plastics
40ml tins

Sanding Blocks &

Abrasive Sheets

Sturdy composite block, ideal for sanding kits, convenient size for getting into those hard to reach places block size 35mm x 20mm


Satin or Dead Flat Finish

Water based, exterior quality, dries clear, available in Satin or Dead flat finishes

Please note, if you intend to use the dead flat for items that are to be permanently outside


Faced Ply Wood

Supplied in a convenient sheet size of 300mm x 600mm and 3 different thicknesses

4mm, 1.5mm and 0.8mm


Sanding Sealer

Quick drying, water based, ideal for sealing all your ply and mdf prior to sanding.

Supplied in 150ml bottles


for seating and carpet

Give your passengers a touch of luxury with a padded seat and back cushion effect.

Easy to cut, won’t fray, size of piece 250mm x 200mm

Available in dark green, blue, red and claret

Timber - Hardwood Packs

             Size                  Pack size
1.5mm x 1.5mm          3.5mtrs 
3mm x 1mm                4mtrs
3mm x 2mm                4mtrs
2mm x 2mm                4mtrs
All packs are a maximum 500mm long, minimum 350mm long. The packs with shorter lengths will contain more than the overall pack length. As this is a natural product a tolerance of 0.25mm should be allowed.
             Size                  Pack size
4mm x 1mm                4mtrs
6mm x 1mm                4mtrs
8mm x 1mm                4mtrs
4mm x 2mm                4mtrs
             Size                  Pack size
6mm x 2mm                4.5mtrs
3mm x 3mm                4mtrs
8mm x 2mm                4mtrs
4mm x 4mm                4mtrs
             Size                  Pack size
5mm x 5mm                4mtrs
18mm x 2mm              3.5mtrs
7mm x 3mm                4mtrs
12mmx 6.5mm            3.5mtrs
Images Not to Scale

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