Timber - Hardwood Packs

All packs are a maximum 500mm long, minimum 350mm long

The packs with shorter lengths will contain more than the overall pack length.

As this is a natural product a tolerance of 0.25mm should be allowed.

Timber Size
  • Pack Sizes

    Timber Size Pack Size
    1.5mm x 1.5mm 3.5mtrs
    3mm x 1mm 4mtrs
    3mm x 2mm 4mtrs
    2mm x 2mm 4mtrs
    4mm x 1mm 4mtrs
    6mm x 1mm  4mtrs
    8mm x 1mm 4mtrs
    4mm x 2mm  4mtrs
    6mm x 2mm 4.5mtrs
    3mm x 3mm 4mtrs
    8mm x 2mm 4mtrs
    4mm x 4mm 4mtrs
    5mm x 5mm 4mtrs
    18mm x 2mm 3.5mtrs
    7mm x 3mm 4mtrs
    12mmx 6.5mm 3.5mtrs


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